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09 July 2020 @ 02:35 am
cakelickplzHappy Birthday to me.... Yes, today is my birthday bcoz you don't know. I'm gagulan and this is my new LJ. The reason bcoz it is troublesome to delete friends in my old LJ, so i'm making a new one.
Please add comment about yourself to this post for me to add you.

This is the intro part of myself. This is where you will know everything that is to know about me (sort of) in KAT-TUN fandom. I LOVE KAT-TUN and that word, i will be talking about non-stop.

semi-friend banner made by itz_menos. Thank you...


Name: Numix
Age: 7/8 months younger than Junnosuke/Koki.
D.O.B: 5 days after Jin's birthday
Place: Malaysia, my beautiful country.

......Love me, Love KAT-TUN......Collapse )

SPREAD THE KAT-TUN LOVE!!!!givemesmilesplz
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14 December 2015 @ 01:33 pm
Lists of songs that I like to hear from each one of them. Solo songs are in order.


---------------------------------------*Kamenashi Kazuya*---------------------------------------

(Love singing this, more than Junno's songs)


(Just like Kizuna, the best when I first heard but it is a very good song that suit Kame's voice well)


(The best when the first time I heard)

~W/o Notice~

(I dont know about this song, always make me wanna listen to it)

~Hanasanaide Ai~

(Better arrangement than the old one. more adult-like song with his beautiful voice)

~Someday for Somebody~

(depends on my mood, sometimes, it reminds me of something important)

~Lost My Way~

(Sometimes when I depressed about life, it always play at the right time)

~Plastic Tear~

(a type of song that I want to listen when I'm in the mood in fangirling)


(This is a very nice song)


(Blushing everytime I remember Kame's live)

~Aishite Iru Kara~

(not my type of song but Kame's voice in live is sooooo good)


(Not my taste but when I'm in the mood, it really suit my mood)

----------------------------------------*Taguchi Junnosuke*------------------------------------------
Natsu no Basho
(My favourite. Always make my happy every time I listen to it. If I want to be happy, I always sing this song)

(Sometimes, it make me happy in my fantasy, it is like Junno is singing this song just for me)


(I can feel the broken heart when listen to this song, but Junno was to good in performing it live that I dont even listen carefully to this song)

~Whenever I Kiss You~

(Whenever I'm in the mood of loving someone or just thinking of KAT-TUN or Junno)


(One of the songs whenever I feel depressed either myself or life. It is a positve song)

~Love Music~

(I dont know/not sure about this song, it always depends on my mood, but it always come in the right time)

~Samurai Love Attack~

(This sometimes make my mood excited or prevent me from felt asleep while driving)

~Bibappu Time~

(One of not my type of song)

The number one song will always be number one, after that, it always change its position, depends on my mood. I rely on my mood quite often. My zodiac is Cancer, most emotional zodiac. I fit Cancer so well.
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Yorokobi no Uta: cynicalcynical
Love Music: Salam Terakhir by Sudirman
22 March 2014 @ 02:01 am

8th Anniversary by MiXJN on deviantART

I can't believe I can draw Kame's face~ XDDD
Above based on their appearances during their jrs' day (2003), when Ueda still have his blonde hair. The clothes was based on their costume white & orange. That was the only costume that have orange & white color? Below, based on their appearances in SCP~ Junno's hair is too gorgeous. Too bad, I can draw that gorgeous hair.

Wink Up 201007 Arena Tour K_KWink Up 201007 Arena Tour J_TWink Up 201007 Arena Tour T_UWink Up 201007 Arena Tour Y_N
  Happy 8th anniversary, KAT-TUN. You know I will always be with you. This year, in April, I realized, I already in this fandom for 6 yrs! Applause for me! Oh My KAT-TUN! 6yrs already? You are awesome KAT-TUN. I hope you will continue to shine until I go & went to your concert in Japan~ I don't care how many years it takes for me to go to your concert, plez continue to be KAT-TUN as long as possible.
05 March 2014 @ 06:14 am
Myojo 200809 Visit A-T
He just watched him from afar. He wanted to touch that man, hug him, hold his hands or anything, as long he was close to that man. He didn't know when this urged of wanting to be with that man started. Was when he confessed his love during their chibi's day? Was when he was asked to collaborate with that guy on that guy's solo? Or was when they interacted during off screens? When there were no camera capturing those moments when they were together. He watched that man from afar. He sighed and looked away. He looked the magazine in front of him. He looked but his mind was blank. He looked up and looked at the same direction. That man was no where to be found at his spotted. He was surprised. He crazily searching what was in front of him. Did the man went out? But he didn't hear the door open. Maybe the guy is still in this room. He turned to look the table behind him. He was surprised to saw a tall figure standing close in front of him. He looked up and saw that man. He backed. The man was looking confused and angry. He quickly looked away. He was nervous. Did the man noticed his staring?

Duet 200608 Festival A-T

Heard about Jin was out from JE. KAT-TUN is amazing, ne? Doing something that big & unpredictable.
Good for you Jin. You always has a soft spot in my tiny heart. Now, go & do your thing freely.
PS: JinxKoki now officially my only pairing outside JE~ ^^

I always encourage people to honest with me. If you don't like whatever I do, please say them to me. If you shy, just pm me. I won;t take it to my heart. Have a wonderful & stress free days.
Yorokobi no Uta: draineddrained
Love Music: Daiji na Koto by AAA
23 February 2014 @ 11:15 pm

Happy 28th Birthday Kamenashi Kazuya by MiXJN on deviantART

Happy Birthday Kame! I will try to love you as individual rather than when you with Junno. Forgive me for that. I always love your smile & admire your hard work. I wish that you always get what you want.

Duet 200403 Love KazuyaDuet 201203 Love K_K

I kind of busy today. Yosh, Let us do our best. ALways do our best! 0(\___/)o
16 February 2014 @ 01:32 am
J&A Groups
This was done when Koki was still in KAT-TUN & I was lazy to update. This is the list of birthday of groups in JE that I put my interest in. I have some of their songs in my playlist. I also pay attention to their PVs & Live performances. I also follow some of the dedicated to certain groups. Like Kis-My-Ft2, Kanjani8, SMAP, NEWS. Before I forgot, the list was arranged within the group, from oldest to youngest. Source: Wikipedia bcoz I only know KAT-TUN's birthday only. XDDD

Magazines Collection (5Major) - Copy
This list was 5 Major Idol Magazines that KAT-TUN is regular. Some of them I don't have in my collection. If you have the complete one, plez share. I really want it. If you have the oldest ver, I want too. ^^v

Myojo 201104 Run
How are you? Well, I so & very busy with my final project. Maybe some of you already know, maybe not. I need to make an android application that like Financial Planner with some difficulty & I need to embed an intelligent system in it~ I even don't know what is intelligent system is. I'm dead. My supervisor will hate me. I will hate myself. Well, I still have some times before the project demo. Wish me the best. Take care of your health & be positive.

I hate this new color scheme. They think all the user of LJ is pro in color code? D: I want the old version where I can choose the same color & pick it. T_____T
Bokura no Machi de: My hostel
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Love Music: Neet Man by Tatsuya Ueda
22 December 2013 @ 04:10 am
Duet 200310 Natsu A-T
You always said, that you want to do big things as a solo artist.
Duet 200504 Book A-T
You also adore kids, just like they adore you.
More picturesCollapse )
AAA - Samurai Heart (My favorite)

√5 (Root Five) - Love Hunter

√5 (Root Five) - Love Hunter (Anime ver?)

NEWS - Labyrinth

How lazy I am is beyond words. My activeness is also can't be spoken. Take care of your own health. My body is in pain because trying to jog 1.6KM in one go. XDDD 
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Love Music: Samurai Heart by AAA
20 September 2013 @ 11:24 am

Myojo 200605 Young Cover KAT-TUN
Yo! How is everybody?2ppanpy

1st of all, I missed
Yuichi's Birthday post. Happy late Birthday Yuichi-sama. Please give me your hand to me. XDDD
went on a long vacation outside KAT-TUN WorldCollapse )

Take care of your health & be happy in your own world.
Yorokobi no Uta: goodgood
Love Music: Zheng Fu by Siti Nurhaliza
09 July 2013 @ 10:24 pm
It has been a year now since the 1st day I decided to open a new livejournal account. What should I post on this my special day? I have a lot of things to talk about, things that I like to share and people I like to give my thank you for being there even you don't say anything and your concern. I don't want to talk about emotional things.

Let's talk about KAT-TUN and other JE. I'm happy when I talk about KAT-TUN.

FACE To Face is amazing song. I listen to it in full blast! The music is awesome! Love the dance's steps. I love the theme clothes too. The one they wore on Music Station is my favorite. The purple colored clothes. The decoration on their pants is amazing! I always want something like that to wear. I want to wear something dazzling like an artist would wear on their concert. All the sparkling shirt, exaggerate stones on their hat, feathers. I feel more confident wearing those kind of clothes. Heheheh... The one they wore during performance in The Music Day, in silver. That color is beautiful too.

JunnO's hair! I missed that hair style! I'm happy that he did that. I was surprised too to see that hair style.

Besides that, I love everytime the JE artist do the Johnnys Songs Medley! That is the only moments you got to hear old Johnnys songs.bxsGg8_zpsd577d0f4
Guilty feeling but happy at the end: When I 1st heard Real Face was sang b4 FACE To Face, I was like "Not again" Then, I saw Old clips of them at the background, that is new. Besides that, I remember, I love it when I heard Real Face of 5nin ver. Ueda's voice, JunnO soft voice, KameNo blend voices. I love that version of Real Face. At the beginning. Awwww....

Ano Hi no Mama is a very calm song. I love how they sing it live. I want to hear it and my heart can calm. KAT-TUN always knew how to pick the best ballad songs. All of them are so awesome! I LOVE ALL KAT-TUN SONGS!!! mlfy If I want to hear all their songs (the singles, b-sides, live, old songs, senpai cover songs) in one day, I don't need sleep~ XDDD I will sing with loudest voice ever! I don't even think about pitching or anything. I just want to sing KAT-TUN songs! The urge want to sing KAT-TUN songs never fade away.

I love KAT-TUN and I can say that I will definitely love them for the rest of my life.
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Love Music: Someday for Somebody by Kamenashi Kazuya